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A Study of Impact of Organizational Change on Mental Health, Personality, and Stress in the Employees of Higher Educational Institutions Chapter 1. Introduction 1.1 Background, theoretical basis and definition 1.1.1 Higher Education Introduction 1.1.2 Importance of Higher Education 1.1.3 Higher Education’s Complexity and Problems 1.1.4 Need of Change in Higher Education 1.1.5 Define Personality Mental Well being and stress 1.1.6 Personality (optimism) 1.1.7 Higher education and its type 1.1.8 Stress and its components 1.1.9 Optimism and mental health 1.1.10 Statement of the Research Problem- 1.1.11 Objective of research study 1.1.12 Contribution of the study along with future perspectives…show more content…
It has now greater depth in the system now that it offers a varied range of education which is necessarily important in all aspects of human creation and intellectual achievement. India is the third-largest country in the world in terms of the higher education system as considered in terms of enrolment, trends and economic growth rate of 7%. India’s higher education gross enrolment ratio GER is more than 20 percent. The Higher education system has seen a steep growth in terms of quality, infrastructure, and implementation. It is the factor, which played a vital role in the globalization, industrialization, information technology etc. Higher education sector is the fastest developing sector in India and it requires financial support from both government and private players due to its huge budget requirement. The investment requirement in this sector and the amount of financial burden on the government with the pace of development required in this sector pushed the government to invite the private players to participate in its growth. As a result many states have opened up arms with state legislation act to start the higher education institute, to be able to meet the requirement of the current Higher Education sector in India that has grown vertically in the number of Universities level Institutions & Colleges since Independence. The number of Universities has increased 34 times from 20 in 1950 to 677 in…show more content…
They have certain norms and policies regarding the policies and accordingly they fix a pay scale. This has become negative aspect and need to change and work out in this policy. It is surprising how little is known about the wage differential in India, given the interest of academics in the question and its implications for public policy. It is widely documented that workers in the informal sector receive wages that are lower than in the organized (public or private) sector. An appropriately arranged higher educational framework can expand national gross items, social lavishness; create an uplifting state of mind towards innovation, increment talent and adequacy of the administration. Higher education opens new skylines for an individual, gives new expectations and grows new esteems. Higher education is a vital piece of Indian culture and there is a need of changes for the improvement of representatives working in the distinctive sort of institution foundation. Today in higher education organizations the existing approaches and guidelines direction are less effective and mostly administrated by the government with heaps of ambiguities. Due to less clarity among the administrative directives the above mentioned problems arises higher education

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