Argumentative Essay On Eating Disorders

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Today we know that eating disorders are a serious illness of psychological origin that is characterized by the loss of appetite and rejection towards food, either abruptly and to certain foods or all kinds of food, depriving themselves of this completely or returning the stomach each that it lent to ingest any type of food. This has been an of them big diseases to level world of the century XX, more, however, this disease has State with us from very back in the time, but not is it had given the importance adequate, nor is knew well their reasons or their background. This disease, eating disorders are chronic and progressive condition which, although their main form of manifestation is through how to feed ourselves, actually consists of a very…show more content…
What are eating disorders? Already from them times ancient of the humanity, the food has been essential for the development of the life of the human being and not only because the power is an of them needs basic of all be live, but also because is closely linked to their origins, customs, traditions and its form of life. There is a term called "eating" that refers to the behavior or reaction of a person facing the food. Through the history different events have diverted this conduct determining disorders, as, for example, the periods of famine that has lived the human being. Eating disorders that occur more frequently now are the two great monsters of anorexia and bulimia; both psychiatric diseases with complications which affect physical, altering the normal state of the body, thus putting the physical and mental health of the person who suffers from it. In our times these two sufferings are them causing of the majority of the deaths of young that range of them 17 to them 22 years of

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