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Running Head: Causes of Air Pollution Causes of Air Pollution [Writer Name] [Institute Name] Introduction Natural and human actions can result from air pollution. Natural events that contaminate the air include volcanic eruptions, evaporation of radio activity, forest fires, pollen dispersal and evaporation of organic compounds. A risk factor is a major environment-related health threat to children in air pollution for both chronic and acute respiratory disease. There are many factors by which children become vulnerable than adults to environmental risks. At early development ages, exposure to irreversible damage can lead to environmental toxicants (Ferrey, 2010). Serious risks for health were not only from exposure to ozone (O3) but also from exposure to PM, sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2). Below table provide detailed information about air pollutants and their sources and how…show more content…
These materials are called pollutants and could appear in foreign substances for instance, man-made chemical like Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) that could naturally occur in substances in excessive quantities, i.e. carbon dioxide. There are two significant natural causes for air pollution known as forest fires and volcanic eruptions (Brebbia and Longhurst, 2010). Human Causes There are many human causes responsible for air pollution such as industry, deforestation, transportation and smoking. Deforestation Naturally, trees absorb dangerous carbon dioxide into leaves and convert into clean and fresh oxygen. Humans continues to destroy forest with ever-increasing need for space, materials and fuel, the planet affected by increased amount of carbon dioxide and released into atmosphere. Smoking As we all know that smoking is harmful for an individual health. A single cigarette contains 40 dangerous carcinogens which can be affected for an individual. Emissions from

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