Positive And Negative Aspects Of Globalization

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Abstract There are many different definitions of globalization as it has many different aspects and angles, many different dimensions however this research paper uses the basic definition to explain globalization which is a process that is a combination of international trade and investments which helps brings people, companies and nations together by interaction and interchange of ideas. Globalization leads to new areas of development and wealth creation however there are mixed views and perceptions about it when it comes to the social and economic implications. Some say that globalization has brought in problems of unemployment, education, inequality and poverty while others believe it has helped reduced them. The paper focuses on each of these implication in detail and what are the positive aspects to it as well as counter arguments.…show more content…
At one side are the people who support it and at the other side are the ones who oppose it. Rather than looking at proper evidences to support or oppose their points they just by hook or by crook believe what they say is right and go with it which is not how it actually is. Every topic has both positive and negative aspect and so does globalization despite the weightage of it. We start of by discussing what the author says about trade and FDI (foreign direct investments) regarding globalization. Globalization is directly linked to an increase in trade openness and investments and the author talks about the results of the actual increase in measurable index which are foreign direct investments and trade to evaluate the scenario. He talks about the impact of trade and investments on domestic employment, poverty reduction and income inequality when a developing country chooses to open to

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