Benefit Of Globalization In Canada

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country that is well known for their stellar commitment to their peacekeeping missions. This Canadian ideal emerged in the 1950's, proposed by Lester B. Pearson (Canada History 2013). Globalization give Canada a purpose, something to strive for, while also offering the means necessary to achieve such a feat. Thanks to Globalization one can understand and know about everything that is taking place in the world around them. This means that Canada knows the threats, and the conflicts in which a peacekeeping force is needed, and can therefore act promptly to help try to resolve them. Not only can Canadians maintain and uphold their peaceful image, they can also attempt to resolve other issues like poverty and hunger that have arose out of the connectivity…show more content…
Without Globalization, how would one know and understand the world around them? Would it be the same? Or would lack of media, and communication technology leave people with unknowns? Globalization has brought forth a change in the way people view the world. No longer does one have to take a boat to travel across the ocean. No, one does not even have to leave bed to learn about other nations and other cultures. Due to the easier ability to immigrate, Canada has benefited immensely from globalization reaping the benefits of having highly educated men and women wanting to come into the country (Choi 2010). Canada has always been a cultural melting pot. This benefits the country as not only does it make it a prime destination for immigration, but also allows for the citizens to have a much stronger understanding and education about others who reside around the world (Hochschild 1998). Globalization has improved the efficiency of sharing culture, also leading to a greater sense of education. Citizens of Canada can learn new information daily about the rest of the world. One can eat a French breakfast, topped with an Italian coffee, then eat Chinese for dinner, a Swiss chocolate for desert, the possibilities are endless. These possibilities are not simply limited to food either. Languages are more readily available for canadian citizens to learn, cultural practices, religion, everything at one's disposal (Hochschild 1998). One thing is for sure, this cultural infusion…show more content…
From the year 2006 the total amount spent through tourism was 70.8 billion dollars. Merely 6 years later that total has increased by over 10 billion, resting at 81.9 billion Canadian dollars (Canadian Tourism Commission 2010). Ten billion dollars is a lot of money being spent in the Canadian economy as it increases the Canadian GDP, and in turn helps to increase the standard of living among Canadian citizens. Not only is tourism growing in Canada, the ages of the average tourists are getting younger. In 2012 over 20% of all Canadian Tourism was of oversees youth under the age of twenty four. This was a 24% increase in only one year, which allows one to see that the travelers venturing into Canada are indeed younger (Canadian Tourism Commission 2010). These younger tourists alone offer many positives for Canada, and its future. Youth travel is very important for so many reasons, some of them include: youth spend more money than the average tourist, they have a higher chance of returning in the future bearing a good experience, the youth are resilient travelers and do not let threats such as terrorism or fear deter them from their goals, and they allow for the building of touristic institutions that will serve for generations to come (UWTO 2011). With more youth travelers, this provides countries such as Canada with a steady tourist market as youth tend to travel

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