Real Meaning Of Development Essay

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1) What is the real meaning of development? The real meaning of development is the process of improving the quality of all human lives and capabilities by raising people’s levels of living, self-esteem, and freedom. Development is a multidimensional process that involving changes in the social structures, the popular attitudes and national institutions, and the acceleration of economic growth. Besides that, economic development also means that have a stable population and an increased in the national income or gross domestic product. Every children receives education and lower unemployment rate means that every member in the economy has a job, and the every member of the populace is healthy. The mortality rate is low, life expectancy is high and incidence of…show more content…
The first source of national and international economic growth is increasing the standard of living. The standard of living is measured by GDP per capita, quality of housing and food, medical care, educational opportunities, transportation, communications and others. The second source of national and international economic growth is increasing the quality of life. This includes the housing, food, education, clothing, transportation and employment opportunities as well as social infrastructure. The next source is economic development. Economic development occurs if there is a reduction in poverty, inequality and unemployment and this will increase the access to obtain improved food, health and rule of law. If the growth occurs with no improvement in living standard for the most of population, the economic development will not take place in development plan which include the targets and policies for reducing poverty, inequality and unemployment. If the long-term economic growth is to be realized for the sources of nation and international economic growth, then human capital, technological, social, and institutional changes must take
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