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INNOVATIVE IDEAS FOR MAKING INDIA LAND DEGRADATION NEUTRAL BY 2030 On February 26th 1937, US President Franklin D. Roosevelt sent a letter to all the State Governors on a Union Soil Conversation Law. He quoted a few lines in that very letter which holds firm honesty till date and is applicable to all the nations around the world. He stated that, ‘The Nation that destroys its soil destroys itself.’ And I couldn’t agree more. Mostly because soil is present all around us, we tend to overlook the fact that it is a limited resource. It is an unparalleled asset that determines the past, present and future of our existence. Thus, we need to focus our urgent attention towards the growing menace such as land degradation in order to save this rare commodity.…show more content…
land users themselves be involved from the start in analysing their problems and finding solutions; 2. identify the causes of land degradation before prescribing solutions for it; 3. use techniques that provide short and long term economic benefits for land users; and 4. promote land-use systems that provide permanent vegetative cover to protect the soil and increase fertility of the soil. National Level Initiatives The immediate action required is to build a long-term land conservation plan and put it under the Sustainable Development Plan for India. A strategic long-term land conservation plan is a government's best investment in conservation of land and soil. They must ensure: improvement in land use, participation of the land users and development of necessary institutional support. Regional Level Initiatives Region action is the backbone of the National Plan and in some places it is proven to be more efficient. Efficient training programmes, knowledge transfer and major research programmes are best carried out at the regional level. Monitoring and…show more content…
National publicity campaigns are needed if this subject is to receive the attention that it deserves. Programmes should include national publicity campaigns that sensitize the public in general, and the rural population in particular, to the issues of land productivity, water management and soil conservation. The subject should be presented in a positive way so that everyone is made aware not only of the seriousness of the problem, but also that it can be overcome and that everyone has a part to

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