Unhealthy Food Habits

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Module 1 Project 1 Melissa Marie Santos Chemistry - Online Date: 9/18/2016 Abstract Sugary beverages are a harmful thing to consume especially to those who are teenagers and children. The sugar in the drinks are too much for anyone a lot younger than 16 years of age may increase in the amount of fat they have in their body. The increase of fat would lead to obesity which brings in a lot of health issues that could become fatal to the person who is obese. The health issues include heart attacks, organ failure and many more. With the rate of how much sugar is being taken in, obesity will soon be the number one lifestyle habit that would kill millions of people. Introduction In this generation, many spoonful of sugar has been consumed by teenagers and children through sugary beverages. Drinking sweet teas, soft drinks, coffee, or any beverage full of sugar may seem like not that bad of a gesture to your health, but this assignment will change your perspective and point of view on this unhealthy habit.…show more content…
Sugared beverages may not only affect many lives; it may also take away lives. This has been the main issue and one of the outcomes of this unhealthy habit of others, just like the people of the CNMI. It may not only affect the consumer, but it would also affect the people who cares about that person. Reducing the number of beverages being produced and sold may be the key to solving this issue being stated. If reducing the amount that is being manufactured is impossible, adding tax to its cost or increasing its price may also be the other

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