The Importance Of English Language Communication

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At this age of globalization, there has emerged a need for an international language to be spoken and used as a means for international communication. People of the world nowadays consider English language learning as an important asset to raise their knowledge in different branches of science and technology. Hence, a desire to learn English and communicate through this language is a pervasive phenomenon. Moreover, since English is the most dominant second/foreign language in non-English speaking countries, developing modern supporting learning approaches or tools that buttress effective English learning has been a vital issue in English language education (Chen & Chung, 2008). With regard to this issue, authorities and stakeholders consider…show more content…
Macintyre et al. (1998) define WTC as “a readiness to enter into discourse at a particular time with a specific person or persons, using L2” (p.547). Although WTC is a recently developed model, several studies have already been conducted to test it (e.g, McIntyre, Baker, Clement, & Conrod, 2001; Clement, Baker, & MacIntyre, 2003; Hashmito, 2002; MacIntyre, Baker, Clement, & Donovon 2002; MacIntyre & Charos, 1996; Yashmia,…show more content…
task), ‘focus on form’ (FonF) was coined by Long (1991) to stand in contrast to ‘focus on forms’ (FonFs). The latter refers to traditional language teaching based on a structural syllabus. FonF refers to teaching where learners’ attention is focused on form in the context of communicative activities. Thus, it is one of the main ways for handling form in TBLT. Delving deeply beneath the area of TBLT and concerning the significant drawbacks of ‘situational grammar exercise’ in the Iranian context, the researcher got vigilant to pay attention to individual differences while completing a task in his own English language classes. This close attention helped the researcher to perceive the significant impact of learners’ intelligence in the way they complete a task. This way, the researcher became curious to apply multiple intelligence (MI) boosting tasks to see the learners’ achievement in doing a task and finally its effect on their

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