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Please-Iah Rakyat Title: Wag the Dog The addition of a new word, TRUMPMATIC, into the American English dictionary, which means unpredictable behaviour or matters associating to chaos, was Trump’s prime achievement in his 100 days trumpmatic run as the President of the USA. Clearly, the live action produced by the White House with real time live dramas captivating a global audience on CNN, which nevertheless has now become the latest home box office channel to tune in to. A Hollywood styled fast rising actor cum director, painter, and a no holds barred tweeting Politician; the President of the United States is driving not only Americans but the rest of the world to follow him with great interest. Tenancy to the Oval office entitles the…show more content…
“Wag the Dog” was a motion picture screened in 1997 with Dustin Hoffman and Robert De Niro as lead actors. , it is all about illusions created elsewhere to avoid realities that are current, unpopular and to camouflage a foreseeable political disaster. The illusion is to spin or cause a stir like creating a war or some pretentious punitive action taken against a known enemy or an invented one, just to gain a heroic advantage while avoiding focus on the dilapidating problems at home. The work of art of WAG THE DOG (WTD) is similar to a dog with all four paws dipped in paint and made to walk over a painter's easel navigated by its tail held by the artist like a dog leash. Trotting within the perimeter of the painter's canvas the President would have created a paw-some painting. The excess and spill over outside the frame of the painting will be construed to be collateral…show more content…
Or was this just a WTD illusion? James Comey was sacked from an executive position of the FBI; in a ‘The Apprentice’ TV show like style, which he only finds out from the news on TV, and something not being taken lightly by the American public. Donald Trump is caught up in a turmoil involving the Russians tampering with the Presidential elections that made him President and his decision to dismiss Comey, who was in charge of the investigations, has brought about suspicion on him. A flurry of home brewed catastrophes has begun to inflict a tear in the President's political career coupled with the show of no support from his own party amongst others which would best be cured by a WTD in Syria, Afghanistan or even North Korea to regain his voter’s confidence again. After a fierce campaign in the battle for Presidency, his America for Americans and his war against Extreme Islamic terrorism has shifted gear to a trumpmatic change. His choice of words including tweaking of policies exhibits the diplomacy of a saner politician now as he has shown in his recent speeches in the Middle East where he is officially visiting at the

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