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The importance of studying English Language System Since the past, there were many languages that human used to communicate with each other. However, one of the most influent languages in our world's communication is English, thus it is essential to study this language. On the other hand, in English Language Systems (01355381), we have learned the study of primary concepts of the English language System which are sounds and sound patterns, word formation and word structure, phrase and sentence structure, and meaning. All of these concepts are important and beneficial to people who are English learners and it can also be applied in daily’s life. To begin with, nowadays, people all around the world use English as a second language. Thus, it is important to study English Language System which consists of, for example, pronunciation, word formation, grammar and structure, and phonological processes. They are also usefulness in many ways. Firstly, studying…show more content…
It should be emphasized that phonetics help us pronounce accurately when we open the dictionary and do not know how to articulate those words, therefore it helps us a lot. Second, phonemes help us distinguish the words that the sounds are very similar to the other such as 'think' and 'sink'. In contrast, phones and allophones are helping us understand that one word can be pronounced in several ways, so it is comprehensible that we can apply phonemes, phones and allophones in the way of pronunciation and understanding though those words are pronounced differently. Next, word formation helps us a lot in terms of going aboard or talking with foreigners if they say the words that we have never heard before, we will know how each word exactly formed and we can guess the word’s meaning, hence we will not confuse

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