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1.0 Introduction Teachers are assumed to have wide theoretical knowledge and able to apply that knowledge to practice. All teachers around the world has undergo the period of teaching training services either in colleges or universities. They have been exposed on theories and methodologies of teaching. In my opinion, teaching is a profession that require teacher to master the subject matter that they will teach in school. Teachers are not only provide education inside the classroom but also outside the classroom. Therefore, teaching is a profession. In other words, the profession is a field which require few features such as the importance of intellectual skills, adequate professional training, required community services, enjoy autonomy of…show more content…
It is to ensure that the teaching and learning session are fun, meaningful and purposeful. There are many ways to avoid language barrier between teachers and pupils become an issue in teaching profession. I would like to focus on one way that can be apply by teachers which is by attending workshops that have been introduce by the government. As stated in the Malaysian Education Blueprint (2013-2025), boosting all students’ proficiency in Bahasa Malaysia and English language will be the most immediate priority in the education system. Therefore, teachers should attend workshops that has been proposed to them. It is to upskill their knowledge and input about their subject especially the English language as it is one of the most crucial language that create barrier among teachers and pupils. Every pupils should be taught by an expertise English teacher and who is proficient according to international standards. Therefore, most teachers that teach English subject need to pass the Cambridge Placement Test (CPT) within two years. It is to ensure that most teacher that taught English language meet the standard of proficiency in English language for a teacher. In addition, if the teacher are expert in their own speciality, pupils will have a great exposure and opportunity to learn and gain new knowledge from…show more content…
Hence, teacher should uphold the National Education Policy (NEP) that emphasize on developing the potential of individuals holistically. It is to create stable and harmonious intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and physically. As a teacher, we should able to produce Malaysian citizens that are knowledgeable, honourable, responsible, competent and capable of achieving well-being so that they can contribute to the betterment of family community and country as they are the future generation that will lead the country. In order to produce a Malaysian citizen that fulfil the NEP, teachers should improve themselves by taken the ways that has been discuss

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