Melting Pot In American Television

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The true melting pot of America is not accurately portrayed in American Television. Throughout history television has continuously shown racist content against other races that America has become numb to it. Hollywood has even been known to have caucasian actors and actresses to play african american, hispanic, asian and native american heritages to “better represent their role”. We see this in Television shows, commercials, and whitewashed movie content. Typical television shows consists of an all white cast written by white producers and white screenwriters. Although every all white cast will have one, usually african american, secondary character in the show. Similarly an all black television show will consists of an all black cast written…show more content…
To emphasize, all other disney shows had predominantly white characters that displayed limited amount of African Americans and asians. Some say African Americans and Hispanics already have a race specific broadcast station, but those stations are separated because those races will not be viewed on all broadcasts. Therefore instead of including other races into shows, television networks such as Black Entertainment Television, or BET, and Telemundo were specifically created to only broadcast race specific shows. That is to say Telemundo was created for Mexican immigrants who did not speak english, however telemundo also discriminates against African American Latinas and does not consider them as “real…show more content…
For example, Peter Pan is a movie showing a care free, high spirited orphaned boy who goes to a place called neverland where he engages in pirate fighting and playing games all day while never aging. Eventually he goes to London and finds a young girl named wendy and brings her and her brothers to neverland with him. In one scene Peter Pan, Wendy and her brothers, Michael and John, go to a Native American bonfire where the Native Americans in the bonfire are dancing wildly and passing a smoking pipe. This depiction of Native Americans is corrupt and negative. In addition to this the characters in the movie are a very vibrant red color, this skin choice for the characters was in reference to the racial slur of “redskins”. Which is an offensive term to use when describing a Native American. In fact this term is so offensive that there is discussion on whether changing the name of the “redskins” football team is in best interest of the

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