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Political Correctness: Where Do You Draw The Line? If you have never come across the term ‘politically correct’ before, you are probably either a Donald Trump supporter or a South Park fan. I’m kidding. A quick Google search would show you that ‘political correctness’ (PC) refers to the avoidance of actions or words which marginalize, exclude or insult groups of people who are socially disadvantaged and have been historically discriminated against. To put it simply, it just means to treat people with respect. Sounds pretty straightforward, no? If you are still confused, here is a rather basic example: A clinically diagnosed mentally disabled person may be referred to as ‘Intellectually Disabled’. It would be a non-PC thing to do if you refer them as ‘retarded’ as the latter expression is now regarded as offensive or derogatory. It would be easy to say that those who claim they are not politically correct, is basically just asking for permission to be an ignorant bigot (I’m not thinking about Trump, you are!)…show more content…
Let me tell you why. Because this is no longer the ‘60s. It is not okay to throw around derogatory remarks and be demeaning towards members of the society who are targeted for their gender, race, disability or religious background. This is an age of tolerance – attempting to accept and understand people who are radically different than you, who hold different beliefs and values. Consequently, political correctness has become a great tool to curb seemingly perpetual stereotypes and culture of offence such as micro-aggressions and culture

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