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Sweatshops Across the World “One hundred and fifty-eight million children from the ages five to fourteen are forced to work full time in sweatshops (UN).” A sweatshop is a workplace that violates two or more labor violations. It is controversial because children are working in these sweatshops and some people do not care they think that as long as they get their food or their clothes or whatever it is they want. People honestly do not care but say a clothing store fires all of its employees rather it be children or adults and it then becomes a safe environment people are gonna get mad because the food might not taste the same because someone else is making the food or something like that. Then a sweatshop is a work environment that violates two or more labor laws constitutes a sweatshop, which mostly employs children, promote unsafe work environments, and envolve inhumane treatment of workers. “Child labor is especially in agriculture”.( It is very controversial because some people do not value life like other people do. One thinks that as long as one were to get his or her clothes then oh well it does not matter who makes it children or adults. Any work environment could be a sweatshop considering a sweatshop violates two or more labor laws. Certain laws…show more content…
Corporations move to other countries where labour is cheaper and the conditions over there are so poor already that they need it so desperately that they do not care about the pay as long as it is enough to feed their children. The hours are also ridiculous like some people work twelve hours a day six days a week like Hamza the boy in Syria, he is only working like that to provide for his family and he is only thirteen and he makes around 60 dollars a week. It’s pitiful how these corporate industries treat these people. Just about how many sweatshop workers are in

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