Importance Of English In Engineering

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Engineering is one of the important professions in the world. Corporate companies want to recruit the engineers who have soft skills and communication competence. Most of the Engineering students have good knowledge of the subject but they are not good at English especially in developing countries. Though they have English medium education from school level onwards, most of them are unable to speak general English and not competent in technical writing. They know the importance of English but they fail to realize the gateway to express their core knowledge is communication skills only. Corporate world need people not just with the knowledge but with the expression of knowledge and it is just with language that one can be able to express. So…show more content…
70% of the world’s population is speaking English and 80% of the books are printed in English. So English is a good tool to improve English. An Engineer will be qualitative and efficient if he/she gets Proficiency in English. An English teacher also plays a key role in developing language skills in engineering students. He must adopt latest technology to teach English in the class room and he has to act as mentor, friend to facilitate learning. Most of the students are missing opportunity to work in multinational companies due to lack of language…show more content…
Audio-visual aids in teaching makes the student easier and interesting. So English teacher should not teach the entire syllabus in traditional class room. He should cover at least 50 % of the syllabus in E-class room by using power point presentation and latest technology. For this colleges should provide E-class rooms 5. Students can develop their pronunciation skills, phonetic skills in English lab. They can improve communication skills by participating in different activities like Group Discussion, JAM, Debate, Paper presentation, Power point presentation, Extempore Presentation, Role-Play, Public speaking etc. so the teacher should encourage dull and average students to participate in various activities. And students can avoid stage fear and build up confidence by participating in different events. 6. Lord Bacon said “practice makes man perfect”, Students should not depend completely on teachers to learn English language. They have to practice speaking English in inside and outside the campus. 7. If the students register in different activities like English Club, they will get continuous chance to expose themselves and they will get platform t develop their language

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