The Importance Of Curriculum Development

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The foundation of curriculum lies mainly with the developers, who can have great effect on the concept, content and structure of the curriculum. Therefore, prior to deliberating on the definition of intended curriculum, there is a need to understand and consider the factors that can influence and shape the cogitation of curriculum developers. These three factors are namely the philosophy, sociology and psychology influences (Lawton, 1978). If these factors are not put into considerations prior to the curriculum development process, it can result in adverse effect on the subsequent process of the curriculum. As an illustration, take the case of the highly controversial Singapore Ministry of Education’s (MOE) Comprehensive Sexuality Education…show more content…
The stakeholders for this programme, are the namely the curriculum developer, trainer, OJT supervisor, human resource manager, training quality manager, operation manager, safety officer and union representative. This will provide the stakeholders with the platform to raise their concerns on what skills the operations division (hangar) need and want and how to train the technician in order to become a competent technician. It will be pointless to develop a curriculum e.g. Culinary Skills Training Programme for an aircraft maintenance company regardless of the quality of the training programme. A situation analysis will have to be conducted to gather data which will assist the stakeholders to make the relevant and decisions on these two concerns. In SAFE context, it would have identified the sheet metal skills as the skills that the hangar operation need and want; and OJT is the appropriate mode of training to acquire this skills. Once the stakeholders have made the decisions, it will set the foundation and parameters for the curriculum developer to formulate statement for the curriculum intent. Thus, it will minimise the developers influence over the curriculum which likely to be based on individual perspective and avoid controversial situation like the CSE programme.…show more content…
For example, the human resource manager will be concerns over the learning characteristics of the new technicians, while the training quality manager and safety officer will want to enforce that the training meet authority regulation and the OJT supervisor will want to ensure adequate skills are acquired. The OJT supervisor was once a technician who has progressed through the ranks; he or she will also be able to provide the concerns of a technician albeit with more experience. As compare to involving a new technician who might not have the technical knowledge and experience to provide valuable input to the curriculum. One advantage of involving the stakeholders at the initial stage of the curriculum is that it is likely to facilitate more effective curriculum development. It will ensure greater support during the enacted curriculum (Diamond, 2008) as it will serves the various stakeholders’ interests. Consequently, the outcomes of the training will be aligned with the

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