Importance Of Curriculum Development

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CURRICULUM DESIGN FOR INDUSTRY RELEVANT AND INTERDISCIPLINARY POSTGRADUATE PROGRAMMES IN ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY Dr.V.Thanikachalam FMR Professor and HOD, CIA, National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research, Chennai, India Abstract Innovative methods of curriculum development based on the reverse system approach coupled with national engineering qualification framework provide promise to develop industry relevant postgraduate programs in engineering technology. By close collaboration with the association of companies, one can design programmes which would enable the candidates industry ready. The programmes would meet the career developments of the candidates. The industry requirements could be assessed through various advertisements…show more content…
A Board of Studies would be constituted for each programme which may consist of four or five senior faculty members and one or two industry representative(s). The Board usually gets limited period and funds for this. In one or two sittings the board has to complete the draft document and submit to the academic council for its consideration. The program may not have detailed list of program educational objectives (PEO), credits, electives and industry relevant advanced courses and industry specific dissertation works. Once in ten years, the programme would be reviewed by another board that may add some new courses or delete a few courses. There is no radical innovation in the curriculum design process. According to Finch and Crunkilton [4] curriculum development should be based on the following rationale: Data based: Student characteristics and community related data should be considered. Dynamic: Frequent evaluation on the effectiveness, removal of obsolete topics and courses has to be done. Explicit outcomes: Well defined programme educational objectives are to be…show more content…
RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE NEW CURRICULA Most of institutes are to be modernized to implement the curricula. Necessary funds could be offered by the central government since the institutional development could reflect on the industrial performance and economy. VI. RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT Many studies reflect that India is spending more in research and development ( of Science and Engineering Research)[1]. There is a need to couple post graduate programs with research programs. Academic productivity has to be increased through research papers product design, and patents [Phillip G Altbach, 3]. The post graduate programmes are to be evaluated against the National Engineering Qualification Framework. VII. PROMOTING EXCELLENCE IN POST GRADUATE PROGRAMS This really call for creating an enabling environment for promoting excellence which will need administrative and procedural reforms [2]. As per Ministry of Human Resource Development, project has been established to offer grants to engineering colleges and deemed to be universities to become centers of excellence. Hence, the institutions have to prepare proposals for getting such grants. VIII.

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