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According to ACARA, the Australian Curriculum sets the expectations for what all young Australians should be taught, regardless of where they live in Australia or their background. ACARA draws on the best national talent and expertise, and consults widely to develop the Australian Curriculum. (, 2015) The curriculum can be divided into five key concepts namely the intended curriculum which is what teachers want children to learn. The enacted curriculum is what the teacher actually teaches the children. The hidden curriculum is what children learn without teachers realising it. Null curriculum is what teachers don’t want children to learn and lived curriculum is what children actually experience from the curriculum. (Blaise &…show more content…
(, 2015) As educators we have to take into account how the curriculum is experienced by children in the school day. In order to teach according to the curriculum, teachers need to have an understanding of how to interpret and how to deliver those concepts in the classroom. The curriculum must be thought of as part of our social, political and economic structures. The curriculum does not stand apart from society; it is firmly embedded in it. (Brady & Kennedy, 2007) The curriculum framework details the expected outcomes of particular stages of a child’s development. It becomes a process where teachers plan learning experiences that see children exploring particular concepts, through collaboration with others and by drawing on more formal resources such as books and other materials. (McLachlan, Fleer & Edwards, 2010, p. 65-66) As part of understanding the importance of the curriculum, teachers should continue with professional development during their career to continue improvements of interpreting the curriculum and to improve planned learning experiences and how students learn from the framework. It is important to remember that implementing the framework involves teachers interpreting how the curriculum is implemented in their classroom. Teachers can make the curriculum interesting so that children are constantly learning new concepts and reaching the outcomes set by the

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