Anel Corporate Cv System Case Study

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1.0 PURPOSE This document explains how authorized people take action in Anel Corporate CV system. Thanks to Anel Corporate CV system; • All details about the interview/call records of previously interviewed candidates can be checked. • Summary reports about the candidates call/interview records between a certain date can be reached. • Employees CVs and the pool of suitable candidates can be reached. • The experiences of the employees can be reported through various filters. 2.0 APPLICATION 2.1.Access to the Application The system is accessed by using the user name and password at The opened window will display language options as Turkish and English. Continue by selecting the language for the system. 2.2 CANDIDATE SEARCH Step 1: On the left panel, all candidates created can be listed by choosing…show more content…
Total experience should be entered manually. It is possible to enter as a text such as "Less than 1 year", "5 years", etc. The location information where the candidate wants to work is selected. In this field, there are "Domestic", "Abroad", "Domestic and Abroad" options. It is possible to enter more than one location. Step 16: After "Yes" is selected in the field "Is Technical Examination Conducted?", "Technical Examination Result" field is activated. From the list, one of the following option should be selected according to the results of the candidate; "Successful", "Partially Successful", "Failed". In the field "Number of Correct Answers in General Ability Test", the candidate's test result should be expressed in numbers. Name of the HR Personnel, who conducts the interview, is selected from the list and any comment should be manually entered into the field called "Comments of HR Interviewer" If a technical interview is conducted, the same procedures are used in the field of "Personnel Conducting Technical

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