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Education is a dynamic instrument of change. Education, in every human community, is an indispensable instrument for human progress, empowerment and effecting national development. It is seen as the best legacy a country can give her citizens. Education is also as essential tool for achieving sustainability. According to Osahon (2001), the school as an institution is primarily established for instruction and learning purposes. Within the ambit of education, educational goals, personnel, curriculum, knowledge, physical facilities, materials, finances and even the students are inputs into the school system with the aim of producing well equipped outputs. Educational institutions have been established with the hope of transforming the nation’s…show more content…
School plants appear to be an important pre-condition for students learning in schools. Decaying environment conditions such as, non-functioning toilets, poor electrification, lack of desk and chairs in sufficient quantity and inadequate ventilation etc can affect learning as well as the health and morale of both the students and staff. The development of adequate and functional school plant has also been one of the major problems confronting education, most especially formal education in Nigeria. Facilities available in a school, its adequacy and utilization have a long way in affecting the cognitive, psychomotor and affective domain. The cognitive domain takes care of the thinking ability of the students; affective domain takes care of the emotions and feelings of the students while the psychomotor domain takes care of the physical and kinesthetic ability of the students. However, emphasis of schools has been on the cognitive domain (academic performance) at the expense of the two other domains (affective and psychomotor). Meanwhile, research shows that the affective and the psychomotor domains exert great influence on the cognitive domain as well as making the beneficiary of the education system live a fulfilled life and contribute meaningfully to the development of the

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