Anxiety In College Students

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especially when their teachers are the same age or younger than they are (Arnstein et al., 1999). There are many graduate students that are married and are juggling school and a marriage. Some students have to move from their spouses in order to obtain their degrees. This can cause the transition for them to be rough. 2.4.2 Financial Issues There are many students who have to work while they are attending college. Being a first-year student can cause adjustment to college to be even more difficult. Some students have to work in order to pay their way through college. This can pose a number of hazards for students. There are many times when students have to work late at night and then do not have the time to study. This can then reflect on…show more content…
Finances can be a strain for a graduate student. Hudson and O’Regan (1994) found that financial concerns cause significant stress for graduate students and produce high levels of stress. Many students prefer to undertake graduate study on a full-time basis, rather than on a part-time basis. Sources of money then become important for the student. “There are sources within the university for loan and jobs that become part of the educational program, such as teaching assistantships” (Arnstein et al., 1999, p.…show more content…
Those graduate students who have heightened test anxiety tend to perform worse. This is not always true though. Some students tend to work better when they are under pressure. There are various reasons why some graduate students may experience test anxiety. Some of these reasons are due to the age differences in the graduate school. The older students may feel a little lost since they have been in the school setting for years. Younger students may feel intimidated by the older students due to the fact that they are more experienced. “Graduate students tend to be older and to lack recent experience in taking exams” (Sapp, 1996, p. 80). Grade competition is also a stressor that is related to test anxiety. “Graduate education is competitive” (Rittner & Trudeau, 1997, p. 148). Getting involved in a study group could help an individual release some of their anxiety by asking their colleagues questions that they are uncertain of. To alleviate test-anxiety, students should not compete with one another (Dukelow,

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