The Importance Of Creative Thinking

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Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman, the authors of an article titled “The Creativity Crisis”, explore the decline of creative thinking (as stated by Kyung Hee Kim at the College of William & Mary) and share the importance of creative thinking to the future of America. According to Bronson and Merryman, creativity seems to be “The production of something original and useful.” Palm Desert High School, despite its multitude of awards, supreme athletics, talented musicians and artists, should still actively be fighting to graduate more creative and successful students. Who’s to discredit the implementation of a class in creativity? Especially when it can be tailored to fit the A-G curriculum and similar classes have been successful in the past. Before…show more content…
We’d almost certainly see a positive increase in just about every single criteria: test scores, course pass/fail rates, and student involvement would all be affected positively. Students who had attended creativity classes would also be best prepared after graduation, as supported by a survey conducted on 1500 CEOs which cited creativity as the most sought after component in potential candidates for a leadership role. By creating a class in creativity we could provide the best students to our community, graduates from Palm Desert equipped with a creative mind would thrive in an ever more innovative business…show more content…
Also PDHS is an above average school in almost every regard, with a graduation rate of 96% according to, despite the low state test grade in math. Also the Creative Classes grade may not be readily accepted by colleges at this time. Despite these possible complications, PDHS will not suffer thanks to a class in creativity, the sometimes misunderstood or academically challenged students who may take CP or Honors classes could discover a solution to their problem through the class in creativity. Also, colleges that may not accept creative classes will soon adapt to the changing tide that is the educational and business world. Don’t believe me? According to Dr. R. Keith Sawyer in December of 2012, a Professor at the University of North Carolina, “The path to the creative society of the future goes straight through the classroom. But not the memorize-and-regurgitate classrooms we have today — instead, classrooms that give students a deeper understanding of the

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