Importance Of Personal Career Development

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Introduction The aim of this report is to fully utilize what I have learnt from the Personal Career Development, in order to achieve the aim, I have went trough the slides and also did the extra readings which relative to the slides. 1. What is critical thinking? When would you use critical thinking skills? In what ways has your learning style developed in the 3rd year program? Do you consider yourself to be a critical thinker? Please justify your response. Critical thinking is the way when we are as a listener or a reader, by repeated questioning to consider the reasonableness of the content of the speech or the reading material, whether it is worth to adopt. Critical thinking is a skill to analyze and evaluate the human mind in order to…show more content…
There are several kind of transferable skills and it can be divided into few areas for example leadership area, creative area, dealing with data area and so on. I would consider the transferable skills belongs to working with people area would be my strongest skills, since I left home at age 16, I went to New Zealand for studying High School, I have met a lot of people from different countries. All of us are faraway from our home, I have the ability of help others when they are in a difficult situation, we supported each other when we had setbacks. While I was in New Zealand, I had a part time job and I learnt how to be patient to people and keep positive make people feel I am always pleasant. I would say creative is one of my strongest skill as well, I was majoring in Art painting and Art design when I was in high school, I like drawing because It can make me relax. Also, I have been playing the piano for 10 years, I had experiences of performing front of people. These skills are my strongest transferable…show more content…
How can co-creation be used successfully in the hospitality industry and help the development of innovative products? Co-creation is a theory that both the company and consumers create value together. The traditional view of the value creation is that the companies create the value and exchange it to the consumers, the consumers are the value user instead of the value creator. As time changes, the role of the consumers has changed, consumers are no longer just the buyers, they are using their knowledge and skills to create a better consumer experience with the company development, production, and designing. These has proved that the value are not comes from only the companies but also the consumers, companies and consumers. In the hospitality industry, the environment is full of the interaction with the customers, the product of the hotel industry is relative to the customers’ exceptions. For example, when their guests complaints that, the facilities in the gym are not completed. The manager of this department will have to check the tools in the gym and contact the company which they bought the tools from, in order to fix the tools in the gym. Therefore, to bring back the satisfaction of the guests about the gym back to

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