Hercules 'Hercules And His Twelve Labors'

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Voltaire once said, “No problem can stand the assault of sustained thinking.” In “Hercules and his twelve labors,” Hercules, who has driven mad by Hera, kills his family and places himself at Eurystheus's disposal due to his regard; Eurystheus, who threatens by Hera, orders Hercules to accomplish ten difficult labors. Despite the labors of killing of the Lernaean Hydra and cleansing of the Augeas that include the help of others, Hercules utilizes his power and intelligence in most of the tasks and successfully performs all labors. The myth emphasizes the importance that confidence and brave, and critical, logical, and wise thoughts, by demonstrating the both examples and counterexamples in the myth. The myth warms, if a person, who faces…show more content…
For instance, in Hercules’s sixth labor, Hercules faces the challenges of stymphalian birds that live in marsh and have metal as further and poisonous material in their dung; Hercules figures out a creative way that uses rattle to scared the birds and shoots the birds down while birds flies to the sky, and he succeeds. This is a piece of evidence that Hercules utilizes the concept of positive emotion and logical thoughts can lead a problem-facer to succeed because he does not reveal emotional fear while he faces such a complex task; he uses his intelligence to find out a such creative way which lead him to his goal. Optimisms such as confidence can empower a person to have courage, while courage can ensure a person to use his or her intelligence to have positive logical creative thoughts; when such thoughts apply in realistic life, such as Hercules’s, the thoughts will lead…show more content…
For instance, in the movie, the son of scientist who is in charge of studying such unpredictable weather listens to his father’s advice, ignore the pressure of weather and the evacuation policy, encourage all people stay; although most of people leave, he and his friends are able to stay in positive logical state and successfully survive. The power of positive overcomes the all the fears and pressure, which allows the logic to process and to help them on surviving. For the people who face life and death, it is important to be clam, positive, and wise, because these characteristics are what keep their lives. In contract, the police who is the leader of the people in the library, and most of people are frighten by the extreme weather and government policy of evacuation to Mexico, decide to leave immediately without considering the circumstance they are facing and the supply they are having, eventually die before leaving the city of New York. Frighten by the weather and xx policy, they defeat by the emotion of pessimistic and give up their logical thought about the situation they face. Without rational, they pay their death to prove the importance of positive and

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