John Gatto Against School

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Schooling gives us information of the world around us while education gives us a perspective about that information. Education helps us build opinions and have points of view on things in life. Information cannot be converted into knowledge without education. Much has been written on this subject. One such person is Gary Colombo, who is currently a professor Los Angeles city college and the author of “Rereading America “. He writes in his article, “Thinking Critically, Challenging Cultural Myths”, about the importance of critical thinking in learning process. Similarly Malcolm X, in his autobiography talks about the importance of literacy and how reading opens up our vision. Another author John Taylor Gatto in his article “Against School” tries to identify the problems and limitations in public education system in United States. This paper reflect on the fact that what is meant by these authors when they write about the terms Education, Learning and Schooling which are often used synonymously. Meanings of all three overlap but do not mean one thing essentially. The process of schooling is a gateway for education. Education unlike schooling is a lifelong process. The process schooling can help and/or hinder the process of getting an…show more content…
It is the process through which one forms one's own judgment independently. Schooling depends on there being an authority to provide what is going to be counted as correct. Education is about freedom of thought and action. Schooling is about following norms of behavior and thinking that have been agreed upon by society. It is through the educative process that creativity, spontaneity, innovation is achieved. It includes getting away from stereotypical views. The purpose of Education should give an individual critical-thinking, problem-solving, innovating mind, capable of working independently and as part of a

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