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Research and explain evidence, theories and approaches about the benefits of creativity for wellbeing of children? It is highly important for children’s healthy mental development and it is a great opportunity to express their feelings. Creativity offers an outlet for children to cope with any issues they have. In some situations it enables them to develop problem-solving skills by being faced with a task. Lastly it benefits children by encouraging them to discover themselves by dreaming, creating ideas and building an imagination through concentration and interaction. Identify potential benefits of different types of creative activity? There are many different forms of creativity, some of these are: Creative movements. This helps them…show more content…
Creativity helps encourage children to use their imagination and see things in a different way and by helping children value and recognize this it allows them to express themselves further and to focus on any issues. Tell me why it is important to encourage parents/carers to support children's creativity? How do you do this in your setting? As a nursery we provide materials, an extensive range of vocabulary and support. As adults we encourage and help children continue to enjoy being creative. We begin a theme for the week as examples, ‘under the sea’ or ‘bug’s world’ and this helps encourage parents to talk about it outside of nursery in a different form, going to see fishes, or draw a picture at home etc. It allows the parent to have a starting point from a theme. CU4333 Contribute to physical development Tell me why physical development is important for children's learning? Physical development helps encourage the children to move in different ways and how to handle their bodies. Such as balancing, walking, this helps the child develop gross motor skills and develop a control for their muscles. It also encourages the children to follow a healthy lifestyle by moving…show more content…
The use of bikes by pushing and pedaling learning to use their feet and hands to co-ordinate the bike. Painting/drawing by using gross motor skills, the use of holding a pen to creative big movements. CT228 Child & young person development Describe with examples how different aspects of development can affect one another - health, background & environment? Starting with health, having a health issue can effect social skills and ability as the child may be isolated for a long period of time (away from nursery) and effect the child’s confidence to do things on their own. Background also plays a big part in the child’s development as an event could effect the child such as parents going through a separation/divorce, emotionally effecting the siblings which influence the child, receiving lack of attention at home making the child feel frustrated, loss of a parent figure in the home and unfortunately events such as abuse which effect the child’s emotion especially concerning trust. Environmentally if the child is unable to access learning device, being in a negative environment can effect the child such as a upsetting home, or if the child has not settled in or if the environment is not suitable for a

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