Spit Ball Five Forces Analysis

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Entrepreneur and the Opportunity In terms of entrepreneur, this opportunity requires various creativity and great leadership, which can be conducted into a creative environment as well as healthy and efficient management system. For example, Spit-ball is niche ad service agency, and there are only 5 to 7 staff members to operate the whole company when it founded, even for now. There would be little concern about reaching a consensus, and the managerial team might exert its best ability. However, difficulty is obvious that it has limitation on focusing on different industries with a great deal of products and services. In terms of venture capital, it could be a huge project on investing as many as different unseen companies. As the financially…show more content…
Spit-Ball made a video of their users of Morph Wheels and their valuable experience that made a difference in sales for the Morph wheels company and that is how Spit-Ball provided their expertise in re branding this company. Five Forces Analysis: Spit-Ball Force Intensity Discussion Industry Rivalry Low It is not the technology that Spit-Ball eyes, it is the way it reaches the customers. technology can be imitated but creativity cannot. Threat of Entrants High Spit-Ball heavily relies on its human resource. Since there is not much of a capital needed, Entry barrier is low Threat of Substitutes Low A service or product that needs expert marketing or advertising has to use one medium and there is no other alternative. ( problem is not with technology but with branding and marketing) Supplier Bargaining Power Low Suppliers here are the product or service owners who are not able to enter market with high value , and Spit-ball relies on its own strategies to re brand or re market the products. Buyer Bargaining Power Low - Medium Customers already have access to the product in general , what Spit-Ball brings is the new way of looking at it and not a different…show more content…
As it is not relying on its technology of product or service offered, but the way it is branded and marketed ( media and digital) to meet the customer expectations. There is not much anyone can take away from them as most of their resources are intangible ( human resource ) skilled labor. Strategy: Spit-Ball is following a very simple strategy to establish itself in the market. It uses creativity and the product or service and relates that with its users. It is closely understanding the product or service, its uses and trying to rewire the way people look at the products. They design or brand a product by analyzing its history and current evolution and relating it to the products journey in their work Example: IEEE ( Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers ) , world's largest professional organization that work on technological advancements and innovations for the benefit of humans, were looking for a branding partner for its annual reports. What Spit-Ball offered was one of the most revolutionizing platform for their brand and annual report cover page. They embedded robotics and " Light bulb" possibly two of the greatest innovations ever seen,

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