Optimism In Hercules

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Importance of Optimism and Logical Thoughts Voltaire once said, “No problem can stand the assault of sustained thinking.” In “Hercules and His Twelve Labors,” Hercules, who is driven mad by Hera, kills his family and places himself at the disposal of Eurystheus with remorse; utilizing his power and intelligence in most of tasks, Hercules eventually accomplishes all labors that given by Eurystheus. The myth utilizes the different tasks Hercules has to symbolize the different problems a person faces in real life, emphasizing the importance of optimism and critical thoughts in problem solving. Meanwhile, the modern example of “Hercules and His Twelve Labors,” movie The Day After Tomorrow supports such significance of power of optimism and critical thoughts by providing examples, which reveal that positive emotions can…show more content…
Both the myth and the movie warms, if a person, who faces any challenge, lacks an optimistic outlook and logical thoughts, he or she will only make any problem he or she faces worse, not better. In the myth of “Hercules and His Twelve Labors,” the narrator stresses how important it is for a person to have positive emotions and logical thinking, because such abilities determine a person’s success in any challenges he or she faces in the myth. For instance, in Hercules’s sixth labor, Hercules faces the challenge of Stymphalian birds that live in a marsh and have metal as feathers and poisonous material in their dung; without sense of fear, Hercules creatively determines to defeat this enemy by using a rattle to scare the birds and then shoot them down while they attempt to fly away. This piece of evidence demonstrates the importance of positive emotions and logical thoughts, because it can lead a person facing a problem to succeed

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