The Importance Of Poverty In Education

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According to Rubin, and Rubin, (2012) educational opportunities of women and men are also affected by the size of the place of residence. The inequality gap, in rural areas with less than 2,500 inhabitants, reflects that the educational backwardness of the population aged 15 and over is critical: 70.4% of women and 68.6% of men do not have basic education completed. Of every 100 women, 2 have some degree approved in higher studies, and of every 100 men 3 are in that situation. By contrast, 18 out of every 100 women resident in the cities of 100,000 and more people have some degree of superior, and 22 out of 100 men were able to pass at least one degree from the higher level (Birks, Chapman, and Francis, 2008). The average schooling of the female…show more content…
Poverty defines as a situation of not having enough resources to get a minimum acceptable standard of living. Allard, (2004) presents a further elaborate description through focusing at poverty as deprivation in respect of things essential for life (food, water, health, shelter) and other basics to life like security, education, opportunity and freedom. Households whose income is hardly sufficient to pay for essential requirements can also be accountable for school fees and other educational requirements that can be beyond the means of the majority of parents. There is a relation between poverty and poor educational access and accomplishment, as Berekashvili, (2012) observed that there is a strong link between poverty and low primary and secondary net and gross enrolment…show more content…
According to DiCicco-Bloom, and Crabtree, (2006) scholarships help students (at different levels of study) increase opportunities to stay, resume studies and complete them. It is assumed that the economic support offered eliminates one of the main causes of desertion, which is the lack of resources to continue the studies, and that according to studies on the subject mainly affects women. However, the support provided to the family may not have a direct impact on the permanence in the school of the same, considering that the desertion is more linked to the participation of the woman, especially in the case of those who are older sisters, in household tasks and not in paid economic

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