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The world now, unlike the ancient time, is just a place full of people who have sold their conscience for their own greed . There are many acquaintances but no best friends, billions of humans but no humanity, subsequent wars but no sign of love, loads of money but no happiness . This is the age of paranoia, even our shadow scares us . In this vast world we humans are just a diminutive thing and yet we say,"Let’s save our planet earth, our home from pollution .” Well to make this statement more realistic we must say,"Let’s not die because of our pollution .” What will happen to earth because of our pollution? The only thing is we will just die but the earth will continue to exist even without us . But let’s not die, sounds quiet ghoulish . So let’s just say what we always say,"Save the Earth”, even though it’s wrong . We are the ones who are killing us . Depletion of the ozone layer is followed by our inevitable doom . We make sophisticated formula to prove that…show more content…
Nowadays, money talks . We all love money more than our beloved ones . We need money and we should also earn money . But the question is should money have a place above our life? Rich are buying poor, poor are made slaves but the thing that the rich don’t know is that they also are the slaves of their greed . Should we feed animals and leave the hungry beggars or feed beggars and leave the animals? Well, the answer is quiet clear, feed all . No one should sleep empty stomach be it animals or people who are very poor . But there are some rich, whose eyes are sealed by the power of excessive money . They come up with cross ideas like spending thousands of dollars in some animal’s stuffs, which these animals don’t even require . But these same rich guys don’t have a single penny for charity . These people are just some rotten ones from all those generous rich people

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