The Importance Of Coping Skills

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When we are reviewing the many different coping skill we can see there are an extensive amount of coping skill. We use these many different coping skills to handle stress, depression and life challenges. As we develop from an adolescent into early adulthood and adulthood we can see that at one point of our development we might have used one of these types of coping skills to overcome our life challenges. During my personal development, I can say I have used all these coping skills once or twice in my life challenges. Some of this coping skill work better than others. My personal favorite, once I like to use and currently use during my life challenges, are active coping, planning, positive reframing, and acceptance. I want to say this is the…show more content…
These coping skills are considered positive due to there is no negative effect from using these coping skills. (Taylor, 2015) Active Coping Is when you been concentrating your efforts on doing something about the situation you are in. Personally, taking action to try to make the situation better. (Taylor, 2015) Positive Reframing Personally, trying to see it in a different light, to make it seem more positive. Keeping positive looking at things and seeing the good. (Taylor, 2015) Acceptance Personally, accepting the reality of the fact that it has happened and learning to live with it. Negative Coping Skills Negative coping skills is when you are using coping skills that might have a negative effect on your mindset, or how you are feeling about an event taking place. Some negative coping skills are substance use, behavioral disengagement, and self-blaming. (Taylor, 2015) Substance…show more content…
These skills are instrumental support and self-distraction. These skills I find them to be neutral. Self-destruction is when you turn your focus to working other activities to take your mind off the events. Instrumental support is when you're trying to get advice or help from others. I find this skill not negative but not positive completely this is skill you use to keep your self-distracted or your get advice from others but “what works for one person might not work another.” (Taylor,

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