Authoritarian Parenting Styles

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The above titled article is based on a study attempting to relate perfectionism with parenting styles and coping mechanisms. This study is believed to be the first of its kind and will need further testing to validate its findings. However, the data illustrated in this article clearly shows a link between both adaptive perfectionism with relation to authoritative parenting, and maladaptive perfectionism with relation to authoritarian parenting. The article takes these things a step further in relating them to coping strategies/mechanisms. The findings of this article may not be surprising, but they validate the importance of discovery by the therapist to better understand the client. This is especially true in traditional school setting none more obvious than colleges (259). College students whether traditional or older students are faced with a myriad of challenges they may not be prepared for. These challenges reveal coping strategies that were formed by both the students’ concept of perfectionism in relation to the parenting style in which the student was raised.t is important for counselors to understand and recognize these links in order to create an environment designed for the success of each individual student (266).…show more content…
Students raised with an authoritarian parenting style will most likely struggle with avoidant coping strategies. They will have anxiety over mistakes and struggle with doubts about what actions to take. It is therefore important for the counselor to focus the student on being decisive and encourage the students to not fear mistakes but rather look at them as lessons to build upon. Students from authoritative parenting may have good coping skills but will still struggle with mistakes; while they may need less guidance still need appropriate direction and encouragement when they make a mistake

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