Burger King Becoming Healthier

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Kentucky Fried Chicken, Burger King and McDonald’s. The question that comes to my mind when I see all these fast food companies is, are they becoming healthier? If I asked you this question, I would not be surprised by your answer. I would not be surprised because I expect your answer to be “No they are not becoming healthier.” We have all seen fast food advertisements on television. From the advertisements, do you ever believe that they are becoming healthier? Keep this question in mind as you read my opinion writing. I will be discussing the way these fast food companies falsely advertise their food as being healthy. I believe that these fast food companies false advertise to trick viewers into believing that their food is becoming healthier. I will be trying to convince you to have the same…show more content…
Burger King is not as well known as McDonald’s because McDonald’s franchise is bigger than Burger King’s franchise in my opinion. Burger King’s advert advertises their food as being healthy. The way they advertise their food as being healthy as that they have apples shaped like fries and they put it into a fries container with an apple sign on the front cover. This advertisement is confusing kids. Back in 2010, researchers showed one hundred kids a picture of the advert and the results are unbelievable. 90 percent of a hundred of kids identify the apples as fries in the ad. Only 10 percent identified them as apples. This information shocked me because I expected at least 90 percent to identify them as apples. This advertisement is outrageous. It is fooling kids to buy fries instead of apples. With this advert in 2010, I do not know what to expect from Burger King in the years to come. This advertisement does not fool me because it is aimed at kids below the age of six. If they aimed it at teenagers, the advertisement would be useless and be a waste of

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