Mr. A's Diagnostic Disorder

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Mr. A is a Caucasian male in his mid-twenties. Since childhood, he has had a severe Intellectual Developmental Disorder. The diagnostic criteria according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5) included deficits in “…intellectual functions…confirmed by both clinical assessment and individualized, standardized intelligence testing” and “…adaptive functioning that result in failure to meet developmental and socio-cultural standards for personal independence and social responsibility” since childhood or adolescence (p. 33). In the following paper, I will explain my analysis, treatment, and prognosis of Mr. A’s disability. Physiologically, environmental influences could be a factor of his disorder.…show more content…
First, it is not a major or mild neurocognitive disorder because Mr. A did not lose any cognitive functioning. He showed delays in motor and language skills from a young age. Second, it is not just a communication, motor, and/or specific learning disorder. Even though there is a lack in language abilities, he is still able to communicate with some competence. He could not relate or understand the social cues to of those of at his age or of higher maturity. Third, AD/HD is not even an option because Mr. A does not show signs of inattentiveness or hyperactivity. His anger is impulsive, but there are usually triggers to it. Lastly, it is not Autism. Although his symptoms are similar such as misunderstandings in socialization, his case study states that “…his play was relatively normal”. Those with ASD have challenges in sharing and imaginative play and very little interest in maintaining friendships. Mr. A enjoys spending time with Mr. G and having limited conversations with his friend. In addition, he has no repetitive patterns of movement, sensory issues, or extreme fixations. Also, his frustration and aggression is not due to an inability to handle changes in his schedule or focus, but that he has a lack in understanding time. Instead, he has a hard time coping when misunderstanding

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