Global Disaster In Munich In 1972

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This essay is devoted to a real global disaster since the second half of the XX century, an international terrorism, which is classified as unlawful use of force or violence against civilians in order to coerce or intimidate a government or the civilian population in furtherance of political or social objectives. It is clear today that the problem of international terrorism shall be reviewed as part of the whole complex of global problems. In this context the tragedy in Munich in 1972 is of a very peculiar nature, since it highlighted the contemporary features of terrorism. Since this Munich tragedy an increased activities of preparedness and mitigation occurred all over the world, one might say that this Munich disaster became a “Hurricane Katrina” for the globe. On September 5, 1972, during the night, 8 militants from the Palestinian terrorist organization "Black September" broke into the building of the Olympic Village in Munich. They were able to grab hostage of 11 members of the Israeli sports delegation, two of whom were killed while trying to resist. Terrorists put forward their demands, which included the…show more content…
Israeli prime minister at a time, Golda Meir made a decision to chase the ones responsible for the Munich massacre. The respective operations "Spring of Youth" and "Wrath of God" lasted for about 20 years and resulted in killing all the Palestinians, who were 20 people, who were believed to be involved in the terrorist attack. This led to the much-debated policy of targeted assassinations all over the world. The mood has changed seriously particularly since 9/11, although some experts doubt not only its legality or morality, but its efficacy as well. It is important to note that Western countries have been taking a new look at their own counter-terrorist tactics, including previously shunned measures after Munich

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