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Abstract:This paper proposes an efficient way of software implementation of hot drinks vending machine on FPGA board. As FPGA give fast response and have less power consumption compared to microcontroller based vending machine. The FPGA based vending machine provides the hot drinks as product (tea, coffee). The hot drink vending machine accepts the 1,2,5 rupees coin, delivers the product and returns the coins back if request canceled or returns the change if extra amount inserted. The proposed algorithm is implemented using verilog code and simulated using questasim 6.4c software. Keywords: Questasim, verilog, hot drinks. I. Introduction: The invention of 1880s brought the machine in which we can insert the coin and…show more content…
Moore Machine Model B. Mealy Machine: The FSM uses only input action i.e. output depends on input and state. The use of a mealy FSM leads often to reduction of number of states. The output of mealy machine depends on the present state as well as on the input. Here we have implemented the mealy machine and reduced the no of states required to design hot drinks vending machine. Input output Output Figure 2. Mealy Machine Model III. Operation of Tea & Coffee Vending…show more content…
Here we can see the inputs and outputs of the hot drinks vending machine. Clock, reset and I ,j, coins are inputs and product and return coins are the output. Initially when the reset button is pressed the machine will be ready to for the user to select the hot drink. We have made the attempt to vend the hot drinks at different cost in same machine. V. Design data flow algorithm: Initially when the system is reset the machine will be ready for the user to select the hot drink. This is the start up state for the design. After this the user will insert the coin and than the machine will sense the coin and will accept the coin. Than the user will get the option to select the hot drinks he wish to have. The vending machine will deliver the hot drink and will also return the change to the user. Let us see data flow algorithm as below.

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