The Importance Of Cell Phones On Society

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Cell phones are popular for almost all people around the world, and they have services for different ages. For example, people can communicate with each other and search information anywhere, anytime. The usage and ownership of cellphones have changed throughout the past years in which it increased tremendously. Some studies estimated that there are about 2 billion phone users around the world and this number is expected to increase more and more (Kissonergis, 2015). Also, according to Daily mail newspaper, people spend more time on their phones a day than sleeping a day (Davies, 2015). It was estimated that people spend 20 more minutes on cell phones than sleeping. A Large number of people use their phones for a countless number of hours;…show more content…
Cell phones help in making people anti-social and it is killing face-to-face interaction. In the past, children used to go to the park and play with each other, but nowadays children are owning phones at a very young age that make them isolated from others. Not just children are affected from cell phones, adults are affected too. Group of friends could be sitting in a coffee shop together, but you can notice that they are not socially together because each one is using his phone either on Facebook or twitter. Cell phones are killing social communication and interaction between people because people are always communicating through phones and Internet but not face to face (Voegeli, 2014). People think that cell phones are increasing the connectivity between people, in fact, it is decreasing the connectivity. Cell phones have changed the way people communicate with each other; they are communicating electronically not emotionally (Roden, 2013). In addition, according to the Pew Research Centre, 26 percent of teenagers where bullied through cell phones. These teens where either bullied by text messages, voice messages or pictures. Not only through sending teens these threatening messages, they also might be bullied through social media if they are using smart phones (Szumski & Karson, n.d.). It has been reported by Caudle, a family…show more content…
Some people believe that there are some good possible effects of cell phones usage such as communication. Where these people say that cell phones make people always connected, every hour, every minute. A cell phone can be all day and all night with a person, so anyone can reach this person any minute either by texting or calling him. Nowadays, cell phone is the main factor for communication in which it allows people to keep in touch with friends and family over the world (Nikson, 2015). It is true that people are connected all time, however, we are not connected socially. People are becoming anti-social by being only connected electronically not face to face, and this leads people to become isolated and fell unconfident to show up to people and speak with them. Furthermore, people are happy to explore new places through their cell phones where they can use the smart phones and find places they have never knew about before. Another benefit that people believe cell phones has is the GPS. People say that with a GPS they would never get lost and they will find their destination, and they will not worry about looking for gas stations, restaurants, or rest rooms through their road trip (“Cell Phone Pros and Cons List”, 2015). Using the cell phone all the time is not always a good thing; a person might use the cell phone at the wrong timing and this might cause very dangerous situations. For example, s

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