Technology In Globalized Society

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In as little as more than half a century technology has evolved the human race and connected our globe in ways it never has in its history. It is through this connection that has led to an increased globalized society. Pictures, ideas, and emotions are displayed everyday through the use of technology and telecommunication devices. On the civil spectrum, technology has helped progress man into a more advanced race as well as structured. Incredible medical technology has helped push the boundaries in order to help prevent many illnesses and disabilities. Technology has helped shaped man throughout the years. However, in the past 50 years technology in certain areas has led to some form of criticism. Technology, which is often seen as a sign of…show more content…
Illnesses which once captivated and took down various civilizations has now been contained and maintained. Many born with defects have found new hope in advancing technology such as prostatic devices. Transplants, most of which are lifesaving such as heart or liver, would not be able to be performed without the use of technology which man has today. Technology within the medical community continues to become beneficial and groundbreaking. With robots and the development in them becoming more studied their use in medicine is seen as important. Robots are said to also become used in medicine in order to go inside a human patient and discover the issues within, without having to insert various cameras and devices within humans. Writing for InformationWeek, Michelle McNickle stated on medical robots, “Magnetic Microbots are a group of tiny robots used in various operations, such as removing plaque from a patient's arteries or helping with ocular conditions and disease screenings. Other robotic advancements are used to better the day-to-day lives of patients, helping them eat, like the Bestic Arm, or helping a patient regain her ability to walk…” (McNicckle 1). Robots are becoming increasingly important in healthcare according to Michelle. They are used in the lives of many patients today and are a necessity. This is why technology in some aspects is good. Also, in regards to other forms of robots, doctors, perhaps across the globe which specialize in a particular field are now able to perform surgery through the use of robotic hands. Furthermore, special medicine that was delivered through methods such as needles has become almost painless through new technology devices to transport medicine. Perhaps one of the biggest milestones in technology in medicine is the Human Genome Project. In April 2003, scientists stated that they completed a DNA sheet

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