Mobile Phone Purchasing Literature Review

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Literature Review Introduction The main objective of this chapter is to study the theories, literatures and previous studies regarding customer behavior towards Mobile Phone purchasing. Based on this researcher can get an idea about how previous studies conducted and what the findings are of those studies. Theories Consumer behavior Consumers make many buying decisions every day, and the buying decision is the focal point of the marketer?s effort. Most large companies engage in research activities on consumer buying decisions in great detail to answer questions about what consumers buy, where they buy, how and how much they buy, when they buy, and why they buy. Marketers can study actual consumer purchases to find out what they buy, where,…show more content…
Parikh Kailash Joshi, (2005),"Purchasing process transformation: restructuring for small purchases", International Journal of Operations & Production Management) tries to identify whether Reducing purchasing costs remains an ongoing concern for most organizations. The standard purchasing process that works well for large purchases, however, generates proportionately much higher overhead and administrative costs for small purchases leading to purchase delays, high error rate, and poor vendor participation. There is a need to develop separate purchasing processes for small and large purchases and evaluate underlying factors that affect such process transformation. This paper aims to analyze a successful purchasing process transformation conducted at a utility company for small purchases. It uses a case study methodology to examine the transformation in detail and understand related issues such as benefits realization, resistance to change, and risk management involved in such transformation projects. It compares original and transformed purchasing processes and identifies resultant benefits to the company, participating vendors, banks, and employees. It finds that a company receives many operational, informational, and accounting benefits in addition to purchasing cost savings. It provides guidelines for similar restructuring for small purchases in other organizations. The paper offers a generic…show more content…
dependence on smart phones: The influence of social needs, social influences and convenience (Norazah Mohd Suki, (2013),"Students? dependence on smart phones", Campus-Wide Information Systems) assesses whether social needs, social influences and convenience of smart phones affects students? dependence on them. This research also examines whether students? dependence on smart phones influences their purchase behavior. This investigation is conducted among the students in a public university in the Federal Territory of Labuan, Malaysia. The research used a multiple regression analysis in an attempt to achieve the objective. The construct validity was assessed by computing the principal axis factor with varimax rotations. In total, 200 completed and usable questionnaires were received from the respondents who comprised students from a public university in the Federal Territory of Labuan, Malaysia. A simple random sampling method was utilized where every unit in the population had an equal chance to be selected. Results via multiple regression analysis revealed that social needs and social influences significantly affect students? dependence on smart phones. The first was found to have the strongest effect. A strong relationship also existed between dependence on smart phones and students? purchase behavior. This study contributes significantly in confirming findings from similar research that could furnish statistical evidence in research findings

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