Essay On Text Messaging

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In the age of instant messaging, where words are reduced to nonstandard abbreviations and seemingly (gibberish) symbols and punctuations, the future of literacy is deeply questioned. The advent of what many call at the “digital age” has provided teens with immediate and constant access to various means of instant messaging with text messaging being the most widely used, especially in the country. When communicating with an electronic device, teenagers send texts to friends; they may write abbreviation like “c u l8r” for the purpose of creating and sending their messages as quickly as possible. Unfortunately this leads to a faded boundary when the right time to use slang language and proper English. However, it has been argued upon by people for years, whether or not this impacts the literacy among teens. Therefore, the researchers believe that it may also affect the students’ writing and spelling skills because of the constant use of shortcuts and abbreviations that are often associated with texting lingo. This purpose of this paper shows the use of mobile phones really affects one’s ability to read and write. Firstly, this paper lists down the different types of electronic communication. Be it, Instant Messaging, Text Messaging, E-Mail and the…show more content…
In today’s generation especially that people are now used to in technology, a lot of people are now texting since it is the easiest way of communicating people anytime, anywhere. People can use their cell phones anywhere they go and they can use text whoever they want to if they also have loaded. It is the easiest and most convenient way of communicating with other people. If there are emergencies, then they could just text using their phones right away. “SMS or the short messaging services, was the first mainstream technology to enable short text messages to be sent from one mobile device to another.” (Haig,
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