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Mede, Tutal, Ayaz, Nur Calisir and Akin (2014) investigated the effect of language transfer in Turkish EFL learners. They focused on grammatical difficulties while learners acquiring word order patterns (verb placement) in English. They found that differences in syntactic structure of two languages causes transfer errors. Turkish the basic word order is SOV (subject-object-verb) which is in contrast with English word order SVO (subject-verb-object), and Turkish word order is quite flexible. The results of this study was based on the findings of Grammatical Judgment Task and make sentence according pictures and using actions verb. Results of this investigation showed some evidence of negative transfer particularly with the use of action verbs…show more content…
Chinese negative transfer reflected at levels of English pronunciation, vocabulary, syntax, grammar pragmatics and culture. Wen Juan Shi (2015) argued that English has been playing more important role in Chinese daily life, so Chine's people use it in everyday life. According to Wen Juan Shi (2015) one of the problem was the negative influence of Chinese learners have no difficulty in learning the English "S-V-O" sentence structure, because it corresponds to the Chinese structure, but the author explored the types of Chinese negative transfer at the levels of pronunciation, vocabulary, syntax, grammar pragmatics and…show more content…
One another of difference grammar between Chinese and English is more than on verbs in a Sentence. One English sentence has only one verb and other verbs should be used in their inflectional forms. The other differences grammatical structures between Chinese and English are: misuse of verbs tense and Number, Omission of functional words, theme - structured vs. subject - predicate -structured. The results of this study showed the negative transfer of Chinese language in learning English as a second language in students. According to this findings of this study, learners through contrastive analysis can realize the differences between two languages in learning a second

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