Advantage And Disadvantage Of Lifi

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LIFI AND ITS COMPARISON ABSTRACT: Phones, Laptops, Smart watches, Tablets and other wireless devices.Data communication and networks are driving in the capacity of wireless devices. Wi-Fi is more popular today but now new technology Light fidelity(Li-Fi) is establish in 2011 by German Physist that is 100 time faster than Wi-Fi.InLi-Filight has a medium of communication .Hence ,it bandwidth is in Tera Hertz range as compare to Giga Hertz of Wi-Fi. It is based on optical wireless communication. Optical wirless communication is based on unguided propogationmedium . Light is a source which is used every where in a house , street and etc. By using this technology it is very useful to transmit large data bits from street, home, hospital and Industry in a way that this technology is very cheap a compared to Wi-Fi. Li-Fi can manage large numbers of users as compare to Wi-Fi. If one acess point of Wi-Fi is connected with many user so the speed of sending and receiving data may affect but in Li-Fi large number of users can easily transmit heavy data with each other without any interption in connection or speed(bps).…show more content…
The existence ofwi-fi(wireless fidelity) play a important role and more dominant in the communication technology for the last few years. Wifi technology is being used at most places in the world such as home ,hospital, institues ,industries and

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