Impact Of Cybercrime In Nigeria

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LEGAL APPRAISAL OF CYBERCRIME IN NIGERIA CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION A young man sitting in the corner of his class in school during the lunch break with his smartphone or his laptop or even his iPad, hits the send button on any of these devices sitting with a straight face, might have just illegally transferred funds from his friends Etransact account, or even from a random person over in Malaysia’s account. Or he might have just finished downloading the latest blockbuster movie from websites similar to LimeWire where people download movies and songs for free without any proceeds going to the original creators of such movies or songs. Or he could have just completed the complex algorithm which enables him to hack into the school’s registry server.…show more content…
The introduction, growth and utilization of information and Communication technologies (ICTs) have been supplemented by an increase in criminal actions. Cybercrime is growing each day as the internet continues to saturate every aspect of the society and no one can envisage the next form this crime will take. The crime attracts global attention because its impacts are quite serious just as its negative effect is devastating to the economy. Cybercrime for a while in Nigeria an unchecked menace looking at how long it took the legislature to put in place a law prohibiting the crime. There is no doubt from the above-mentioned that Cybercrime has a horrible image for Nigeria. This research work seeks to show the legal appraisal of Cybercrimes in Nigeria. 1.2 Statement of the problem The issue of cybercrime is an important aspect because the law is meant to advance and grow alongside the society. Cybercrime is fast becoming a menace to the world, and the image of Nigeria has already been dented by this crime as Nigeria being a haven for cybercriminals. As far technology is embraced in any location, the users of technology will be liable to being victims of cybercrime in one way or the other. The issue of cybercrime is an applied issue. This is in the sense that it affects the world around us thus creating problems and hardship for victims of such…show more content…
Compare the Cybercrime Convention to the Cybercrime Bill 2014 VII. Suggest how cybercrimes can be effectively tackled in Nigeria. 1.4 Research questions I. What is Cybercrime and what are various types of cybercrime II. What legal regimes are in place currently to combat cybercrime III. What international conventions do we have in place to tackle cybercrime IV. What are the differences or similarities of the Nigerian law on cybercrime and the international convention V. How can cybercrimes be attacked better in Nigeria. 1.5 Scope and limitation of the study There is no disbelief that cybercrime is a global problem and any work in this area has to cover the world perspective as it is not an issue limited to Nigeria alone. That notwithstanding, this work will try as much as possible to focus on the legal regime of cybercrime in Nigeria. The scope of this work includes but not limited to; an overview of cybercrimes in, the existing legal regime for cybercrimes in Nigeria. An attempt will be made to analyze the Nigerian Cybersecurity Bill 2011 and the Cybercrime Bill 2014. This work will also look at International conventions on cybercrime and compare the Cybercrime Convention and the Nigerian Cybercrime Bill 2014 will be

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