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In a war that was meant to end all wars, a war that left millions dead, a war that left powerful empires destroyed, the Treaty of Versailles and Wilson’s 14 Points played a huge role. The Treaty of Versailles officially ended World War I, while Wilson’s 14 Points tried to help set world peace through grace. By seeing how both statements played out we can better understand their differences and their importance in the Great War. The Treaty of Versailles was a treaty made to establish guidelines for continued peace, and in addition to this it was meant to put strict treaty obligations on Germany to prevent future wars. During January 1919, 32 countries held a conference in Paris in attempt to make peace after the First World War. This conference…show more content…
On January 8 in 1918, Wilson gave a speech trying to sell the war to the American public, trying to explain that not everybody was willing to support America going into war. But due to unrestricted submarine warfare, the Bolshevik Revolution, Zimmermann Telegram, etc, the war had to be fought. Wilson believed that they had to fight for something, and at the end accomplish peace. In this speech he stated the fourteen points. Point one was open covenants of peace; The purpose was to ban treaties, sections of treaties or understandings that are secret, such as the Triple Alliance. Point two was freedom of the seas; Point three demanded that everybody had to keep peace in the waters. Point three was the removal of all economical barriers; In point three, Wilson not only wanted to get rid of economical barriers but he also wanted free trade among nations. Point four was the reduction of armament; Point four indicates that there shall be a reduction of weapons and armies in all countries. Point five indicated that there will be an adjustment of all colonial claims; This claims that all colonial claims over land shall be fair. Point six was the evacuation of all Russian territory; Russia will be able to choose its own form of government, and in addition all German soldiers must leave Russian soil. Point 7 states Belgium must be evacuated and restored;

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