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In Christine Rosen’s article “Our Cell Phones, Our Selves” discusses about the importance of having a cellular phone, and it also states about the disadvantages that cell phones provide to the community. Society nowadays carries a cell phone in order to communicate with friends, family, and business-related issues. Cellular Phone technology has been developing quickly throughout the years and gave people many reasons to buy one. These main reasons are safety, convenience, peer pressure, and to be connected at all time. Rosen talks about people starting to feel dependent with their cell phone. People nowadays cannot go out without their phones because they do not feel safe. Many studies were done that Americans and internationals without the use of their cellular phones feel stressed and their anxiety levels rise. The author also states that after the terrorist attacks, there was a significant increase in the usage of cell phones. Parents also bought cell phones to their children, so they can be updated with their children’s safety. For instance, my five year old sister received a cell phone, so she can communicate with my parents to have no concerns. Christine points out that people lacks engaging with society due to the use of cell phones. Society becomes so addicted to cell phones because of the applications integrated with them such…show more content…
Being connected with people can also lead you to death. A lot of car accidents happen worldwide due to texting or answering a phone call. Cell phones can also infect people with viruses and bacteria. There has been many cases that people has been in the hospital due to the transmission of viruses or bacteria via cell phone contact. The community also buys cellphones to show their status in society. Modern celebrities who got new cell phones are a very good example of showing their status in the

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