Essay On Social Media Break Off Relationships

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“Phone batteries last longer than relationships these days”- Unknown In today's society, everybody is more worried about their phone and social media than their relationships. It has caused a great divide in the population. People are ending relationships because of likes on a website. Nobody is able to engage in normal conversation because of their devices. Whenever people meet someone they do not set up plans or ask for a phone number. Instead, they ask for their snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook account. The other problem is the media teaching kids from a young age about dating. They think if you are friends with someone from the opposite gender, you have to be dating them. People believe that it's healthy to be in a relationship for a couple…show more content…
Everybody cares about their phones and social media so deeply, that if one of their friends does not like a photo or send snapchat “streaks” they will end their relationship. This is because people think popularity is everything, and if a friend doesn't help them reach this goal they believe that the person is not their friend. “The best sign of a healthy relationship is no sign of it on facebook”- Unknown. If you have a healthy relationship with your friends, you don't need to post constant pictures with them to prove it. People do not understand that social media is not the only way to make friends. It is very hard to go back to calling people and knocking on doors when the power to connect is in our hands. Nobody even thinks of going over to their friend's houses because they have the power to connect from their home. This causes a fake barrier that can block out the personality of each person. The population does not know how to make friends, they only know how to follow people on their social media. Friends will know you appreciate them if you just take the time and talk to them in real life. People have to be able to understand how relationships work in the sense of social

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