Smart Phone Addiction Essay

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Smartphones is an electronic device that contain many function such as calling, texting, capturing photos, surving internet, and gaming. According to Deloitte; Technology, Media and Telecommunications Predictions, 2014. “The smart phone is the most personal of consumer electronics devices: the most constant companion, the most personal of choices, the most customized and reflective of the owners, the least likely to be shared with other users and the most frequently looked at.” Smart phones addiction among teenagers in Malaysia are familiar issues happen in our surrounding daily life. In fact, with the exception of smart phones, the daily use of all other devices is trending downwards. Based on studies that was did by Johnston, 2015 in Use…show more content…
This will help you to reduce the addiction of smart phone, David Nleld, June 28 2014 said in Home to break your smart phone addiction, “If turning off notifications doesn't really work for you, go nuclear and uninstall unnecessary apps completely. You could start by focusing on the apps that bring websites and online services to your mobile. Go through the apps installed on your smart phone and work out whether or not you will miss those stock updates and new comment alerts. Treat your time on your smart phone as a precious commodity, anything that takes away time from other, more worthwhile pursuits can come under scrutiny. Take back your attention span by limiting the number of apps that go everywhere with you and which can interrupt you at any time. Not only does removing redundant apps mean there are fewer notifications to check and fewer updates to install, it also frees up storage space on your device and reduces clutter on your home screens too. If you haven't run a recent audit of all the apps on your smart phone, now might be a good time to decide what you really need and what you can live without. If you haven't reinstalled it in a month, you almost definitely didn't need it in the first

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