The Importance Of Mobile Phones

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Technological advancements have led to the continuous replacement of old electronics with newer and more advanced models. The mobile phone is now seen as a necessary device in the Jamaican society and many developing countries. Gurung et al., (2013) states that technological advancements has not only increased the use of electronic products but has also shortened the lifecycle and lifespan of electronic products due to individuals' constantly changing lifestyles and aspirations. The use of mobile phones has increased rapidly and the rate of turnover has become especially high. The concept of a throwaway society as defined by Wikipedia, “… is a human society strongly influenced by consumerism. The term describes a critical view of overconsumption…show more content…
If you don't have newest, thinnest, most feature-packed model then advertisers as well as friends snob you for being outdated and hopelessly out of style. To “Keep up with the Kardashians”, you need to replace your existing model with the newer one whether or not it’s functioning. Information and ideas are exchanged more increasingly through social media and apps that the importance of our smart phones is shown by the amount of time we spend on them. When it came to replacing cell phones however, most common individuals’ causes were: End of use due to technical-mechanical malfunction: Meaning an issue with core built in functionality of the phone itself. End of use due to software problems and poor technical compatibility: That is the phone was outdated to the point where it was no longer compatible with newer and trendier apps for example Whatsapp. End of use due to introduction of new products: Just the plain and simple need to have the latest devices, as this is viewed not only as a social symbol but also as a status symbol (Dhanaraj,…show more content…
Consumers are constantly seeking new, smart devices and many may pressured by the rapid production and introduction of new models. However, what seems oddly problematic is the belief that manufacturers maybe deliberately limiting the lifespan of their products. Lowered expectations in regards to product duration has led to consumers being more willing to replace their phones instead of having the old device repaired, especially with newer, “better” models out each year. The focus on the “throwaway mentality” and the desire for new goods has meant that the conflicts arising in the consumers have mainly gone

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