The Importance Of A Career In Journalism

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Keeping The World Up To Date About The Latest Events: Journalism Degree Do you love traveling, being up to date about the latest events and happenings, and meeting all kinds of interesting people? These are just some of the things your job might entail when you embark on a career in journalism. It is a fast paced and exciting industry to work in if you enjoy doing research and cutting through the clutter to find the real story behind events. A journalism degree, along with your excellent communication skills can potentially open a lot of doors in the industry. If you believe in the power of the media and would like to be a part of this ever evolving career field, then obtaining your degree is a great place to start. Journalism Degree Information Journalism Associate In Arts Degree A limited number of associate’s degrees, such as the Journalism Associate in Arts Degree, are available. These degrees are aimed at any students with an interest in becoming media professionals. It is also a good choice for students who want to complete their lower-division major requirements before going on to complete a four year university degree in journalism. Courses usually include news writing and reporting, AP style, media theories, and writing for publication. Completing this degree can…show more content…
There are also other career options, such as writer, public relations officer, market researcher, and advertising copywriter where a journalism related degree can be very useful. People with journalism degrees typically go on to be employed by newspapers, both print and online as well as other employers in the media sector, such as magazines, television stations and broadcast companies. PR consultancies, charities and corporate communication agencies also often employ people with journalism
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